Holiday parks offered shield from Covid cancellation fears

Parks and guests will be looking forward to a great staycation year – but cancellations will remain a threat

HOLIDAY PARK OWNERS concerned about having to return money to customers affected by Covid-19 this year have been handed a lifeline by Michael Paul Holidays.

The popular online holiday property website has just announced a refundable booking option for holidaymakers who arrange their stay through the site.

It means that park operators won’t be forced to dig into their own pockets if a guest has to cancel a stay because Covid-19 has affected them or anyone else in their party.

The wide-ranging protection covers a raft of circumstances, including anyone having to self-isolate because a member of their immediate household has the disease.

The refundable booking option, which costs only 8% of the holiday price, is offered to customers during the booking process on the Michael Paul Holidays website.

However, people booking directly with the park can also be offered the refund guarantee option, giving peace-of-mind to both the customer and the business.

The park simply makes the booking via the Michael Paul Holidays website, selecting the option and its assurance of a full refund to the customer within four days of a claim, subject to terms and conditions.

Revenue can now be protected from virus-related cancellations says Michael Paul

In recognition to the park of its role in helping to protect the customer, Michael Paul Holidays says that only 50% of the usual booking commission charge will be applied.

“A big uncertainty for many parks this year will be whether their forecast revenues will be hit by having to make refunds caused by Covid-19 related cancellations,” said Michael.

“That’s why this scheme can be regarded as much as protection for the park business as it is for the customer during the unpredictable months that lie before us.

“Clearly neither we nor holiday parks will take bookings for periods when travel restrictions are in place, but nobody can hazard a guess as to when these will be eased.

“Neither can anyone foresee if, or when, further lockdowns will be put into place, and this means that future bookings can not be regarded a reliable indication of income.

“We are not aware of any refundable booking scheme which offers assurances of the scope we have negotiated to both the park business and the customer.

“It means that park and property operators can look at any booking protected by the scheme and know that there is no risk of forfeiting that revenue due to the pandemic,” said Michael.

Michael Paul Holidays and its sister-portal Caravan Sitefinder currently draw almost one million visitors a year with numbers rising steeply in recent months, says the company.

The sites showcase over 6,000 parks and provide hundreds of guest reviews to help customers select their preference and book quickly online.

There is a link to more information about the new refundable booking scheme on the home page of Michael Paul Holidays’ website at