Kent park pair congratulated by MP on service award

Berkeleyparks MD David Curson (left) and Tom Tugendhat MP (right) with managers Tony and Dee Eaves

CONGRATULATIONS from their local MP were in order this week for a Tonbridge couple who manage a major retirement park near the town.

Tony and Dee Eaves were both presented with Exceptional Service Awards by Tom Tugendhat MP during a special visit he paid to Towngate Wood Park.

The award is the highest honour given by British Holiday & Home Parks Association to park staff who have made “significant and substantial” contributions to their businesses.

The park provides a peaceful rural setting for those in or near retirement

Tony and Dee are responsible for the day-to-day running of Towngate Wood Park which is part of the family-run Berkeleyparks group of residential parks.

They have served with the company for more than 15 years, and were congratulated both by Tom Tugendhat and David Curson who is managing director of Berkeleyparks:

“We rely heavily on our managers to help our residents enjoy their lifestyles, and to sustain the mutually supportive atmosphere which our parks provide,” said David.

“Tony and Dee are always prepared to go the extra mile to give whatever assistance is needed, and to make sure that the park offers a first-class living environment.

“We’re very grateful that Mr Tugendhat was able to take time out to visit the park and give his good wishes to two highly valued members of our team,” he added.

Towngate Wood Park has almost 120 privately-owned park homes in its landscaped grounds where people in or near retirement can enjoy peaceful and well-managed surroundings.

There is more information about the group and its parks at