Perfect pitch? Peg angle is key says author

Guy Roope

A fresh slant on tent peg angles: Guy Roope signs copies of his new book at Castlerigg Hall caravan park

The vexed question of how to calculate the best angle for a tent peg has finally been answered in a new book launched today (April 01) at a Lakeland holiday park.

Author Guy Roope made a personal appearance at Castlerigg Hall Caravan and Camping Park near Kenswick to sign copies of “The Optimal Angle for Your Holiday Tent Peg”.

Intense research, said Guy, had gone into arriving at a formula which would allow pegs to be driven into the ground to achieve a sag-free night’s sleep anywhere in the world.


Sleep tight by getting it right says angle author

The structure and moisture retention properties of the soil, the subterranean stone content, mole and worm activity, and vegetation roots all impact on the computation, says Guy.

Balancing these factors with the type of peg used – characterised by its shape and constituent material – will allow the camper to define precisely the optimal angle.

Guy says he was surprised to find that peg angles had not previously been the subject of a book, and that generations of tent users had been forced to rely entirely on guesswork.

The Lake District, he said, proved an ideal region in which to carry out his investigations thanks to the diversity of its substrate, ranging from heavy clay to light sandy soils.

Guy, who lives in the North Lakeland village of Flysheet and lectures on campanology at Cumbria University, said he was prompted into print by the experience of others.

As a keen camper, Guy says he often took the opportunity to check the tent peg angles adopted by other guests on campsites, and to compare these with the structural integrity of their tents.

Many campers, he said, were often surprised and touched by his interest – and one suggested to Guy that he knew where lots of people would like him to stick his special knowledge.

“He clearly meant writing a book – and what you see today is the result.” said Guy. “If my efforts help to improve just one person’s camping experience, it will all have been worthwhile.

“Tent pegs are the unsung heroes of our pastime, and have for too long been just recklessly hammered in without any regard to their optimal angle. By degrees, this book will change all that,” added Guy.