Compass aids stricken parks as storm blasts North


More than 14 inches of rain fell in just 24 hours across Cumbria (above) bringing flooding and chaos


Many holiday parks in the Lake District suffered in the deluge which swept across the county

Compass Insurance has issued a big “thank you” to park owners across Cumbria and Northumbria who helped the company pinpoint areas worst hit by December’s Storm Desmond.

The devastation began on Saturday 05 December as both regions suffered the brunt of the relentless heavy rain and destructive winds brought by the storm.

By Saturday evening it became clear that a full-scale disaster was unfolding, and Compass took the decision to push the button on an action plan to assist affected parks.

That night, Compass team members identified the high risk areas and mapped out over 100 parks likely to be affected by the storm.

On Sunday morning at 7.00am, the team began calling the parks that were considered most to be at risk, offering emergency assistance and advice.

Team members’ conversations with parks allowed Compass to gather a real-time picture of how the storm was panning out, and to pinpoint the specific parks most at risk.

By the end of Sunday, around 14 inches of rain had fallen in Cumbria – even more than during the devastating floods in the county of 2009 – and Northumbria too was deluged.

As soldiers were deployed on Monday, Compass account executives together with appointed loss adjusters began assessing damage suffered by parks, and putting recovery plans into operation.

Compass managing director Dave Sheath said that parks contacted by his team on the Sunday had been invaluable in helping prioritise resources most effectively:

“Park owners and managers were well placed to describe the conditions in their immediate area, and to advise which other parts of Cumbria and Northumbria might have fared even worse.

“We therefore focussed our efforts on these, and by the end of Sunday we had a pretty clear picture of the extent of the storm’s damage, and which parks had been hardest hit.

“Compass owes a debt of gratitude to all these BH&HPA members – not only for their help, but also for taking our early Sunday morning calls without a single complaint!” added Dave.