Conservation inspiration: waste

How a Windermere holiday park is helping wage the war on plastic waste

Park Cliffe's popular cafe has now shown the door to single-use plastic items such as straws, cups and bottles</span srcset=

PLASTIC WASTE is hitting the headlines at the moment, for all the wrong reasons and businesses and individuals across the country are working to help tackle this problem.

One David Bellamy Conservation Award Park – Park Cliffe in Windermere – is one of the companies leading the way in the park secto the clean-up bid.

Old fashioned paper drinking straws are being drafted in, and items once sold in plastic bags will be handed over in biodegradable paper bags. Park Cliffe’s cafe has squeezed out sauce sachets in favour of condiments in glass bottles, and takeaway coffees and teas will now come in compostable cups. Or if customers bring their own reusable cups, a 25p discount will be offered.

The park is also pulling the plug on water sold in plastic bottles, and installing a filtered water dispenser so that guests can fill their own bottles free of charge. In addition, says Susan, the park has now taken delivery of a plastics recycling station so that the waste can be disposed of without causing pollution.

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