Conservation inspiration: activities

Lancaster family park shows how wildlife events can add a wonderful extra element to the holiday mix

Rufus Bellamy (right) with pond-dippers young and old make aquatic wildlife discoveries at Moss Wood

LAST SUMMER, Moss Wood in Lancaster ran a wildlife open day to the animals and plants that live in and around the park. The well-attended event was aimed at youngsters and grown-ups. On the menu of activities were expert-led pond-dipping sessions in the park’s wildlife lake. The children taking part were delighted at what their nets yielded with every trawl.

Children also had the chance toy bumble bees, and take part in fun nature-themed competitions.

Guests were also able to explore a recently opened 1.5km nature discovery trail, and a 3000 square-foot wild flower wilderness attracting honey bees and butterflies.

Thanks to the village of Cockerham, won a Special Distinction accolade from the David Bellamy Conservation Award.

The park’s assessor celebrated Moss Wood as “an amazing outdoor classroom where local children and holiday guests can connect with the magic of the natural world”.

Environmental initiatives such as these have resulted in Moss Wood, which is owned by the Wild family, winning the David Bellamy Conservation Award at its top gold level for twenty consecutive years.

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