Conservation inspiration: natural allies

Welsh park reaps the benefits of partnering with its local nature reserve

Guests at the park enjoy tranquil green surroundings and close encounters with the abundant wildlife

ONE OF THE BEST ways in which parks can help the natural environment is to form partnerships with local conservation organisations or projects. In many cases this involves helping practical conservation work on a local nature reserve.

One Gold-award-winning park that has shown just what can be achieved is Morben Isaf, which has worked with the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust to help support its work on the Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve. The reserve is a healthy mixture of bog, swamp, wet woodland and scrub supporting a plethora of animals and plants. Including the magnificent Osprey, which bred on the reserve for the first time in 2011.

“We are situated in the midst of a number of nature reserves and taking part in the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme helps us maintain focus and plan our work to raise awareness of and help with local projects whenever possible.”

“Participating in the scheme means that we always evaluate ideas and plans tomers are attracted by it.”

“Many comment on the ability to making our park a repeat Gold award winner, of which we are very proud.”

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