Fundraising parks chief could swap Boston for back garden

If he is unable to home

PARK HOLIDAYS UK directo raise £10,000 for charity.

The 58-year-old executive was due to compete for various good causes in the world’s six most famous marathons.

With London, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and Chicago already under his belt, Tony was hoping for a grand fundraising finale as he crossed the finishing line in Boston.

But, he says, the £10,000 riding on his last race will not be lost to the generosity and good will of his sponsors:

The Red Cross is giving help to vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis

“The Bosto be there then, but of course there is no guarantee that it will take place,” said Tony.

“I’ve already been contacted by a number of my sponsors from the holiday parks supply industry who have said they will happily donate even if the plug is pulled.

“But I’ve promised them that if I’m not in Bosto begin, I’ll still be in my running shorts and will complete the marathon in my back garden if necessary.

“It means I’ll sadly miss out on the Bosto tackle, but at least I won’t letting my supporters or the charity down!” he added.

Tony says his decision to fundraise through taking part in endurance events came after he acted as a Games Maker volunteer at the 2012 London Olympics.

The experience made him determined to people in need.

Tony decided that the big six international marathons would have a sufficiently high profile to attract the largest number of sponsors, and said he was amazed at the backing he received.

Good causes both large and small have benefited, and he says his choice to the American Red Cross for his last race has proven especially appropriate.

The organisation is working closely with health authorities both in the US and globally during the coronavirus crisis tors, nurses and patients.

Tony, who is the commercial directo go ahead.

Park Holidays UK, he says, has a long tradition of providing charity support, and many individual employees also take part in sponsored events for a range of good causes.

  • Tony said he valued the contributions of all his sponsors, but would like to sales website My Holiday Caravan, publicity specialists The Works and Design4Print, and online booking group GFM.