New models debut on parks’ holiday home app

Stunning holiday homes, such
Stunning holiday homes, such as these at Coghurst Hall in Hastings, are now just a swipe away on the new app

Up-to-the-second tracking of the latest holiday homes being released by Park Holidays UK is now available on a new free app for iPhone users.

For couples and families considering ownership, says the company, the app will provide a sneak  preview of both new and pre-owned models the instant they become available, and will often feature special offers and buying incentives.

It means that would-be buyers can now skip the usual internet browsing process, and jump straight to their needs.

But the new app also opens the doors tour of the latest holiday home interiors and exteriors.

Homing-in on latest offers
Homing-in on new offers

App users will be able to peek in the bathrooms, linger in the lounges, and eyeball the bedrooms in scores of models currently being produced by leading UK manufacturers.

The showcase facility will enable custo their dream second home.

There’s also access via the app to details of the 25 southern England coastal parks operated by Park Holidays UK, and another swipe will bring up the buying opportunities on each.

The company believes the new iPhone facility will be welcomed by people wanting a complete and constantly updated picture of options available to them.

“This is a fantastic time to buy a holiday home, and the number of different choices available are wider than ever before,” said a Park Holidays UK spokesperson.

“Prices are also much lower in real terms than they were a decade ago, and additional buying incentives can bring that cost down even further.

“The challenge for prospective buyers is to do.

“It means that wherever you are at whatever time, your iPhone will take you behind the scenes at Park Holidays UK to see precisely what’s new in real time,” she added.

The app can be downloaded via the Apple App Store at

Meanwhile, more information about the group’s parks and holiday homes for sale can be found at