Parks report summer boom in Bonzo bookings

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Searing summer temperatures this year have sparked a sharp rise in the number of families opting to bring their pets on holiday, says Park Holidays UK.

Fears of Fido overheating in kennels where owners have no control over their dog’s welfare is the main reason for the rise, believes the group.

Last year, the company welcomed over 15,000 four-legged friends on its 27 southern England

parks, but this year’s figures are likely to romp far ahead of that.

This rise is also attributable, thinks Park Holidays UK, to kennel their pets when they go away.

Group director Tony Clish says that pet bookings have surged during the recent heatwaves:

“Dogs are one of the family, and nobody likes to think of their pet being caged up for long periods in hot weather when it could be enjoying a lovely outdoor holiday,” said Tony.

Dogs and kids are perfect holiday companions, say parks
Dogs and kids are perfect holiday companions, says Park Holidays UK

“Our parks are a great choice as there’s plenty of room in a caravan holiday home for everyone, and the grounds are virtually traffic-free for exercising dogs on a lead.

“In addition, all of our parks have easy access tops.

“Dogs benefit as much as humans from a change of scenery, and owners won’t have to fret that the wellbeing of their pets, especially in hot weather, is out of their hands,” added Tony.

The group makes a small surcharge for pets, but points out that this is just a fraction of the cost of many expensive boarding kennels where they would otherwise be pining.

Park Holidays UK has also made policy changes top-end accommodation.

Now they can stay with their pets in selected Silver and Gold standard holiday homes, as well as the budget bronze models which were previously Bonzo’s only option.

Park Holidays UK is currently offering discounts on school holiday stays which, it says, represent savings considerably in excess of pet surcharges.

Deals are listed at, and visito-time include “pets stay free” deals.