Rise in holiday buyers shaking hands on sharing

Two families, and one holiday
Two families, and one cost-saving holiday home at Chichester Lakeside Holiday Park in West Sussex

People who partner with friends or family tor Park Holidays UK.

In response, the 25-strong parks group has opened a new division of its business in order to help would-be co-owners cement the deal on their joint initiative.

It provides advice on how other sharing owners make the arrangement work successfully, and helps draw up the paperwork to formalise the combined purchase.

The deal, says Park Holidays UK, could see both parties each saving thousands of pounds to enjoy an equal stake in a lifestyle that might otherwise have been beyond their reach.

Or like many joint buyers, says the company, they use their pooled purchasing power to take ownership of a larger and more prestigious model than they could have afforded separately.

Shared ownership brings costs right down
Shared ownership brings costs right down

“We’ve been seeing many more people this year doing their sums and realising the fantastic economic benefits of this approach,” says Park Holidays UK director Tony Clish.

“With most of our parks now offering extended seasons, both owning families or sets of friends can have up to make use of.

“And of course it’s not just the initial outlay which is halved, but also the running costs including the pitch fees as these are exactly the same as for one owner.

“This arrangement is especially appealing to know who they are sharing their holiday home with.

“Joint owners range from parents and their grown-up children to work colleagues and neighbours – any couple, in fact, who agree our parks make for an unbeatable holiday experience!” added Tony.

For joint buyers making the move before the main summer season, Park Holidays UK is also able to offer additional incentives, such as the guarantee of no pitch fees throughout 2016.

To those savings are added a promise of no gas bills or electricity bills – up to £500 in each case – for the whole year, and all water and rates costs covered on designated models.

The company’s new division for sharing custours of their preferred park, and provide informal briefings on how the scheme works.

Appointments can be made by calling 0800 138 0477 – and previews of the parks along with details of currently available stock can be viewed at www.ParkHolidays.com