Safety consultants warn parks of hidden storms legacy

STORMS and strong winds which battered Britain at the start of this year may have left many parks unknowingly exposed to negligence claims.

That’s the view of hazard inspection specialists AD Safety Solutions Ltd which is now an accredited associate member of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association.

Director Alaric Little said his company had already found evidence of damage on clients’ parks which is consistent with the effects of extreme weather.

Extreme weather damage can often be concealed says safety expert Alaric Little

Unless remedied, he said, a business could be accused of ignoring its “duty of care” under the Occupiers Liability Act – even though the park owner was entirely innocent of knowingly putting employees and visitors at risk:

“Many parks may have breathed a sigh of relief that their property escaped any real fall-out from the storms which lashed the UK this year,” he said.

“But we have found impacts such as damage to the naked eye.

“Even a tree branch which has been bent down by the gales and now hangs less than 17.5 feet above a road could be the basis for an action under Highway Law.”

“That’s why we are urging all holiday and residential parks to prioritise a professional inspection of their grounds as soon as possible,” said Alaric.

His Somerset-based business works with parks and other leisure business across the country, and provides expert identification and analysis of all types of risk.

AD Safety Solutions Ltd also helps clients draw-up and implement inspection policies and regimes that will help protect businesses from possibly financially damaging third-party claims.

Alaric himself draws upon 16 years of providing safety guidance within local government highways departments as well as industry service providers and contractors.

Other members of the company’s team also have experience in helping businesses remain compliant with the ever-evolving regulations and laws governing their premises.

The company’s expertise, says Alaric, can be tailored to the needs of both smaller owner-managed parks and larger park operations with multiple facilities.

There is more information about the company on its website at