Brits deliver a “no-go” verdict on foreign holidays

Cream of Cornwall: lodges from Prestige Homeseeker at Gull Rocks Beach park in Holywell Bay, Cornwall

BRITAIN HAS BEATEN the rest of the world hands down in a nationwide poll to discover what people imagine as their holiday heaven after lockdown ends.

The survey, commissioned by UK leisure home manufacturer Prestige Homeseeker, asked where respondents would like to take a break if all options were open.

A resounding 76.6% said that a holiday in Britain would be their first choice this year, while just 12.7% of those voting plumped for a holiday abroad.

And 10.7%, answered “neither”, preferring their own four walls to going away on holiday.

The poll drew almost 2,350 responses in early June after it was carried across leading social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

British holiday parks are a safe way to enjoy a UK stay says Silvano Geranio

As well as the three choices of “Britain”, “Abroad” or “Neither”, those taking part were given the opportunity to explain their choices, if they wished.

Uncertainty about hygiene conditions abroad, and greater confidence in the safety measures taken by UK holiday providers were the principal reasons given by those opting for Britain.

Others said they wanted to help the UK economy and protect British jobs and businesses by staying in this country, while others thought Britain simply offered the best coasts and countryside.

Silvano Geranio, founder of Prestige Homeseeker which is based in Northants and employs over 400 people, said the poll revealed significant concerns about safety overseas:

“Most of the holiday lodges we manufacture are bought by British holiday parks for either renting out to families as holiday retreats,” he said.

“As they are fully self-contained and generally distanced six metres from one another, they represent one of the safest possible ways to enjoy a stay in this country.

“We know that parks are also putting intors and staff when guests return.

“Staycations benefit not just holiday parks, but also other local businesses which rely on tourism spending – and, of course, the holiday lodge and caravan manufacturing industry.

“Our sectory worth around £9 billion each year, but thousands of jobs are at risk unless we can quickly get up and running again,” said Mr Geranio.

He suggests that the low popularity of overseas holidays – chosen by fewer than 13% in the poll – is likely to stay put.

If this happens, says Mr Geranio, it will greatly diminish Britain’s earnings from foreign visito make up some of the deficit.

The online poll conducted by Prestige Homeseeker ( was sponsored by the holiday and park homes sales portal Sell My Group (

More than 400 local people are employed at the manufacturing sites of Prestige Homeseeker in Northants