Eco-friendly Cumbria park pulls plug on dirty dish chores

With just a five-minute cycle, Henry Wild (above) says the dishwasher will save energy, water and guests' time
With just a five-minute cycle, Henry Wild (above) says the dishwasher will save energy, water and guests’ time

THE ESTIMATED 95% of men who do the family’s dishes when on holiday have been handed a reprieve by Lake District holiday park Skelwith Fold.

That’s because the Ambleside business is providing its to clean and dry a full load.

Specially designed for torhome users, the super-fast machines have recently become a familiar sight on many parks in mainland Europe.

But Skelwith Fold, according to install the eco-friendly facility for its guests.

It means that the party’s official washer-upper can now jettison the J-cloth in favour of a cup of coffee while technology takes over the toil.

Skelwith Fold's mystical tarn is one of its many natural attractions
Skelwith Fold’s mystical tarn is one of the park’s many natural attractions

But according tor Henry Wild, the benefits of the machine are measured not just in terms of pulling the plug on sinks-full of dirty dishes:

“The dishwasher provides a substantial saving in the volume of water used and the energy consumed when compared with doing the job by hand,” he said.

“This is very important to minimise our impact on the environment in a raft of different ways.

“We estimate that our touring guests carry out at least 40,000 washing-up sessions every year, so the potential for cutting our electricity and water consumption is enormous.

“In addition, machine washing is shown to use those five minutes for socialising instead of splashing about in suds!” added Henry.

The Dutch firm’s technology allows a thorough cleaning and drying cycle to take place in a far shorter time than that required by domestic appliances.

Its dishwashers are even connected to self-diagnose any issues, find the solution on-line, and alert the park about any attention they need.

Users of Skelwith Fold’s premium pitches are given free to swap the sink for a swifter and less soggy experience.

Skelwith Fold’s commitment top gold level.

The park was also crowned two years ago as Lakeland’s top spot in the competition.

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There is more information about Skelwith Fold on its website at

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