Fife park swings into action after girls’ playground plea

BOSSES AT Craigto make the playful wishes of two young girls come true.

Ten-year-olds Drew and Chloe met a few years ago at the park where their respective parents both own holiday caravans – and became the best of friends.

But as time went on, they began to feel that they were outgrowing the park’s play areas which were tilted more at the needs of younger guests.

So last year, Drew and Chloe penned a letter toun Meadows with a plea for some extra play equipment designed for their age-group.

Specifically, they said, they were crossing their fingers for a trampoline and a basket-swing.

When park managing directo boardroom level.

The chums with the letter which swung the board in their favour
The chums with the letter which swung the park’s board in their favour

Craigto his son Michael.

So it was Michael and the board who sat to consider the wistful wish-list with which they had been presented – and on a unanimous vote, the motion was carried!

Work began at once, and this spring has seen the enterprising young duo – as well as other guests – having a great time bouncing and swinging through their holidays.

According to Jim Gordon, the board’s decision was one of the easiest ever made:

“It was a lovely letter which the girls wrote, and they said in it how much they enjoyed exploring this wonderful area of nature and having adventures,” he said.

“We’re very proud of our conservation work, and try to maintain the park as a haven for wildlife which is great for making natural discoveries.

“But, of course, children also like to the two girls, can cater for all ages!” added Jim.

Drew Totten and her parents live in Falkirk, whilst Chloe Mulvey and her family are from East Kilbride – and both own holiday caravans in the 32-acre grounds of the park.

Craigtorhomes and tents.

The park’s facilities also include a putting green, a multi-sports court, wildlife ponds, and an acclaimed restaurant with Scottish specialities.

It has a top gold level for environmental care.

Craigtop quality ratings.

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