Guests wreathed in smiles as they bid a festive farewell to Lakeland holiday park

Greenery gathered from the 130-acre grounds of Skelwith Fold was woven into festive wreaths by guests

HOLIDAY HOME OWNERS bidding farewell to Ambleside’s Skelwith Fold caravan park this year left with more than just fond memories of their stays.

That’s because the five-star Lake District park had laid on a festive wreath making class on the eve of its seasonal closure for the winter months.

And it meant that the park’s holiday home owners would have a joyous reminder of their “happy place” to hang on their front doors this Christmas.

The materials for the wreaths were gathered from the 130-acre grounds of Skelwith Fold which play host to a wealth of native plants, including a rare Chinese Handkerchief Tree,

Showing how to fashion the evergreen clippings into a seasonal circle of goodwill was expert Claire Carlton who owns the popular Kendal florist “Flowers by Arrangement”.

Claire showed how just a pair of secateurs and a coil of green wire could create a professional-looking wreaths to brighten the holiday season.

The park’s Henry Wild said that the class was not just a celebration of Christmas, but also a reminder of how nature played such an important role in everyone’s lives:

“We will miss our guests during the winter weeks, but it’s also fascinating to see how the natural world re-asserts itself when the grounds fall silent,” he said.

“Wildlife, such as deer and red squirrels, are much more in evidence around the parkland – encouraged, no doubt, by the food we provide at our feeding stations.

“The wreaths will help everyone to bear in mind how crucial it is that we maintain a positive relationship with our environment, and to minimise our impact on it,” said Henry.

The Wild family, which has owned Skelwith Fold for over 25 years, has won a number of awards for its care of the natural world and received praise for its sustainable development policies.

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