Here to stay: parks see rise in holiday home sales


Evidence that Britain’s tourism industry will enjoy long-term benefits from the staycation trend has been provided by one of the country’s largest holiday park groups.

Park Holidays UK says that sales of holiday caravans and lodges to British families were up by over 40% on last year’s figures at the start of July

The rise in the number of holiday home buyers, says company directourism beyond 2016:

“Families and couples spending thousands of pounds on a holiday home are making a clear commitment to come.

“Just a fortnight after the uncertainty caused by the Brexit decision, our holiday home sales were up by 43% compared with the same week last year.

“It’s early days, but the indications are that the domestic tourism industry is experiencing an uplift, and that this is also impacting on the sales of holiday homes.

“People now see Britain as their holiday future, and are literally buying into it,” said Tony.

Weather-proof attractions at Park Holidays UK encourage four-season breaks
Weather-proof attractions at Park Holidays UK encourage four-season breaks

Holiday homes can be owned at the group’s 26 coastal parks in Devon, Dorset, and southern and eastern England, and can be used by families for up to 11.5 months each year.

Prices start from £8,995 rising to £190,000-plus – and this, says Tony, means their appeal is spread across an extremely wide spectrum of buyers:

“Some families, especially those with young children, are persuaded by relaxed atmosphere and the free leisure facilities and entertainment which our parks provide,” said Tony.

“For others, it’s more about the ability to where their grown-up children live.

“Either way, a holiday home on one of our parks will cost them far less than a holiday cottage, and without all of the associated maintenance headaches.

“The notion that Britain offers the very best holiday experiences is, I think, becoming firmly embedded in more and more people.

“It’s great news for UK tor spending,” added Tony.

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