Holiday brochures still adding vital gloss to park marketing

Many park custor John Drew and machine manager Stevie Reece

FAR FROM HITTING the ston, many holiday parks are now upping the number of brochures they produce each year – despite the escalating popularity of digital marketing.

That’s the finding of major West Country printers Pollards which produces millions of print items each year for parks throughout the UK.

The Exeter-based firm says there is growing awareness that not being able tor.

It includes many mature folk who regard print as a more credible and convincing way for a park to present itself, rather than displaying its wares only online.

But it’s not just brochures which are have helped Pollards record one of the busiest ever years in its two-century histo business manager Dave Hember.

From posters to keep up with demand:

“It’s the same sto which we provide our services – the power of print is stronger than ever,” said Dave.

“The predicted demise of the traditional brochure never actually happened, and many parks say that custo request a brochure.

Brandhub is an online management platform for parks from Pollards

“When you’re selling holiday homes or tomer, a well-produced brochure can be vital in shaping impressions.

“And as far as other items of print are concerned, the variety of different needs seems to be growing all the time,” said Dave whose firm employs over 50 specialist staff.

But, as he points out, maintaining control over what print is needed, when its required, and keeping costs in check can be a headache for often time-pressed park personnel.

That’s why Pollards, a recently appointed Associate Member of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association, has now come up with a solution – and, Dave happily admits, it’s digital.

“Brandhub” is the name given to operate.

It can help ensure requirements are correctly identified, deadlines are met, budgets do not over-run, and that there is consistency in the design and format of all items.

However, said Dave, Brandhub also goes much further by providing the to create and deliver new items of print, templates, and even entire marketing campaigns.

“Parks consume an extremely diverse array of print, so keeping everything under close scrutiny, and  without wasting time or money, is the challenge we are tackling.

“Whether it’s a few certificates for a kids’ competition, a hundred cocktail menus, or thousands of brochures promoting a new lodge development, Brandhub puts the park in charge.

“Our big investment in this technology on behalf of our clients shows that print and digital are not rivals, but amazingly powerful allies in meeting the business objectives of parks.”

The company also provides a fully licensed mailing house which can produce cash and time savings in the despatch of park literature, and a design studio for creating artwork of all types.

There is more information about Pollards, which is still run by the same family which founded the firm over 240 years ago, on its website at