Kent park hands families extra holiday months

Holiday home owners at Whitstable's Seawick holiday park can now enjoy breaks for eleven months of the year
Holiday home owners at Whitstable’s Seawick holiday park can now enjoy breaks for eleven months a year

Owners of holiday homes at a major Kent coast holiday park have been to 12 extra weeks of get-away breaks each year.

Seaview Holiday Park near Whitstable was this month given the green light to its previous eight-month licence.

Business owners Park Holidays UK says the local authority decision tourism economy.

From now on, families with caravan holiday homes and lodges at the popular beach-side park will have to lock their doors for just one month in February.

Seaview is one of Kent’s largest holiday parks with around 550 holiday homes, and is the latest among Park Holidays UK’s 26 southern England parks to win approval for a longer season.

Group directourism spending in the region’s businesses, but also help spread it more evenly throughout the year.

Seawick is just a short stroll from first-class beaches
Seawick is just a short stroll from first-class beaches

“This is a fantastic part of the east coast for four-season breaks because there’s so much going on in and around the park, and we know our holiday home owners are delighted,” said Tony.

“Increasing the period when holiday homes can be used is a reflection of the way people now use their leisure and enjoy more shorter breaks throughout the year.

“Holiday homes themselves have also changed in recent times, and are now made to very high standards in terms of heating, insulation and levels of luxury.

“In other words, the weather is never a barrier to taking time out – and in any case, all of our parks, including Seaview, have plenty of indoor family entertainments.

Local authorities, says Tony, are often quick to see the benefits of extending the holiday year:

“High quality holiday parks such as ours bring massive economic benefits to rural regions, and are the life-blood of many small businesses, such as pubs, shops, restaurants and attractions.

“By allowing holiday home owners to protect these enterprises and safeguard the jobs of the people they employ,” said Tony.

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