Park Holidays UK now ready to bring help in a heartbeat

The defibrillaton-on-Sea in Essex, with receptionist Amy Cherry

ALL 40-PLUS holiday parks operated by Park Holidays UK have become home to a new initiative by the group.

Each park now has installed in its grounds a state-of-the-art defibrillator which could greatly increase the chances of survival for a person suffering cardiac arrest.

Although key staff are being trained in their deployment, the fully automated units provide simple audio instructions which allow their use even by those with no medical experience.

Park Holidays UK directors could make a crucial difference, especially in summer when travelling times are lengthened by traffic volumes:

Many thousands of holiday guests of all ages are welcomed each year

“The equipment is, of course, something which we hope will never be needed – but we are mindful of its potential for saving vital minutes in waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

“At any one time we have thousands of guests staying on our parks throughout the UK, equivalent town, so the risks are very real.

“Sudden cardiac arrest is a major killer in Britain, and a close-at-hand defibrillator on the park could dramatically increase a person’s life chances.

“Installing the defibrillato be a very worthwhile investment,” said Tony.

The equipment delivers an electric pulse through the victim’s chest to be effective if used immediately after an attack.

This year, Park Holidays UK says it expects tory, and hopes its new initiative will be an extra reassurance for those staying.

Details of the group’s award-winning parks, located in coastal and countryside regions of England and Scotland, are available at