Park residents brave a battle with RAF fitness guru Nik

Under orders: residents at The Elms are briefed by ex-RAF instructor Nik Keast on their next fitness challenge

FIGHTING old age tor.

The challenge was arranged by the family-owned park in Torksey after learning that fitness and health was one of the key interests of park home residents.

But what they might not have expected at the session was to shape.

Over the next few hours, residents took part in a series of mock life-or-death scenarios, including crossing a crocodile infested swamp, and scrambling around a hostile planet.

“You’re amazing!” was Nik’s verdict following his mature masterclass for residents

But despite many being more accusto Tracey Coulson, a member of the park-owning family:

“Despite their age, many couples here love nothing better than keeping active – and residents often get together for different events, including people in their eighties,” said Tracey.

“We always try and help when we can, and after a recent survey of residents’ preferences, we discovered that a large number regarded exercise as a priority.

“But rather than arrange just a PT class, we contacted Nik who served over 20 years in the RAF specialising in sharp-end physical training and leadership development.

“Nik now runs a fitness academy in Gainsborough, and he said he would be delighted to face.

“Everyone loved it, and I think we’ll soon be seeing Nik again at The Elms by popular demand!” said Tracey who also took part herself in the challenges.

The Elms has been under the same family’s ownership for over 35 years, and its 340 park homes for people aged 50-plus are located in 65 acres of landscaped grounds.

Community activity is a big part of the lifestyle of residents, said Tracey, even if this also includes less combative pastimes such as outings, fetes, wine tastings, and quiz nights.

Such events, believes Tracey, also provide a crucial role in helping to ensure that nobody on the park need experience the sense of loneliness which can blight the lives of some elderly folk.

Following their brush with the to grips with life in every sense!

There is more information about The Elms on its website at, including videos and information about park home living.

Retirement homes are spread across the park’s 65 acres of grounds in the peaceful Lincolnshire countryside