Pet lovers vote for free Bonzo breaks in poll

No kennels for you, Jack - pets stay free at Park Holidays  UK for a limited period
No kennels for you, Jack – pets can now stay free at Park Holidays UK for a limited period

Park Holidays UK’s reputation as the most Fido-friendly place tomers.

In a recent online survey, the group asked its thousands of Facebook followers to bring the loudest yelp of joy.

Seven percent said they would love an early check-in, and 29 percent said their boats would be floated by free extra nights – while 30 percent plumped for a no-cost upgrade.

But romping into the lead by an unbeatable 33 percent were votes in favour of free stays for pets across all of Park Holidays UK’s parks in Southern England.

And so, at a stroke, that’s exactly what the company will be offering for a tail-wagging 48 hours until 9.00am on Friday 26 February.

Families will be able to pounce on any holiday of any duration for the remainder of 2016, and save a pat £25.00 per pet on three or four night breaks, and £40.00 on seven-night stays.

And further underlining the group’s canine credentials was its recent decision to selected Silver and Gold standard holiday homes.

It means that the budget Bronze accommodation is no longer Bonzo’s only option.

“We’ve always put pooches on a pedestal because we know that so many of our custor Tony Clish.

“There’s plenty of room in a caravan holiday home for everyone, and our holiday parks are a great place to exercise a dog on a lead as the grounds are virtually traffic-free.

“Dogs benefit as much as humans from a change of scenery, and owners won’t have to fret that their pets are pining for them in expensive boarding kennels far away,” added Tony.

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