Praise for green champions Parkdean Resorts helping millions get closer to nature on holiday

Interpreted nature trails encourage all family members to make wildlife discoveries in the park’s grounds

PARKDEAN RESORTS has received a ‘sincere and heartfelt thank-you’ from the organisers of a national initiative that aims to actively engage tourism businesses in nature conservation.

The 66-strong parks group was described this month as ‘a green trailblazer’ for kickstarting work that will provide wildlife and the natural world with the same warm welcome as its holiday guests.

The praise was handed down by the David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature scheme which works in partnership with over 500 holiday parks in the UK.

Parkdean Resorts, said scheme co-ordinator Rufus Bellamy, deserved major recognition for mobilising a raft of exciting and imaginative environmental projects across its parks this year.

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Once they are completed, said Rufus, the work will not just benefit nature, but will also help provide an enjoyable and educative experience for guests, and for youngsters in particular.

Making new wildlife discoveries, he said, was just one of the ways in which Parkdean Resorts was helping to create magical memories for the 3.5 million guests it welcomes each year.

The group’s parks have all taken the David Bellamy Pledge for Nature which commits them to managing their green spaces with wildlife in mind, and undertaking at least one significant wildlife project over the next year

These include setting up bird boxes and other artificial habitats, creating areas where bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects can get food, focusing on the conservation of a specific species, and working to enhance ponds and other wetland habitats.

Parkdean Resorts has been closely involved with helping to champion the scheme since it was pioneered over 28 years ago by botanist and TV personality David Bellamy.

It’s today administered by his son Rufus who is Environmental Adviser to the British Holiday and Home Parks Association, and who works closely with parks of all sizes.

The scheme encourages parks take on a series of different environmental challenges, such as those being tackled by Parkdean Resorts.

Parks taking the Pledge receive visits from independent wildlife assessors who provide advice on new projects to be undertaken, and the steps needed to accomplish their nature conservation goals.

Responsible at Parkdean Resorts for steering the scheme is the group’s Regional Director of Scotland Colin Pearse, and he said park managers play an important part in delivering the results:

“Our managers are given a great deal of autonomy in deciding what conservation projects will best suit their park, and then involving team members in making it a reality,” said Colin.

“This is crucial as our parks are located in different and very beautiful coastal and countryside locations throughout Britain, each with its own individual character and natural assets.

“We ask each manager to propose a project and explain the ways in which it will enhance the guest experience, and then it’s up to them with help from members of their team.

Parkdean Resorts’ many accommodation options include lodges located in tranquil wooded surroundings

“There’s never any shortage of volunteers coming forward, not least because it’s very satisfying to know that you are making a real difference to safeguarding wildlife and the natural world.

“We receive tremendous support from the scheme’s advisers who are always willing to go the extra mile in providing both encouragement and expert guidance,” added Colin.

Rufus Bellamy said that Parkdean Resorts had become national cheerleaders for the scheme, and its parks were role models for how tourism businesses could work as a group to help nature.

Just as importantly, he said, Parkdean Resorts was encouraging millions of holiday guests each year to discover more about the natural world, and the part they can play in its conservation.

There is more about Parkdean Resorts’ commitment to the environment and its responsible stewardship of over 3,500 acres of land on its website at

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