Snap decision sees Dorset park star in luxury caravan launch

Holiday snap: the Jurassic Coast lends scenic grandeur to promote the new Bailey range

HOW DO YOU find the perfect location to be scaling new heights of luxury and refinement?

For Bailey of Bristop setting of Highlands End Holiday Park in Bridport, Dorset.

That’s why, in advance of the official launch of the caravans this autumn, guests at the park were treated to Grande range.

The three models were professionally snapped against a dramatic backdrop of the Jurassic Coast with far-reaching views of the ravishing Dorset and Devon coastlines.

The images will now help touring experience.

Along the leafy lanes of Dorset, the new Alicanto the park

With price-tags of up to four people in beautifully designed surroundings with a raft of luxury features.

James Loveridge, the park’s marketing manager and himself an award-winning photo-shoot spoke for themselves:

“Bailey to try and find one which set their new range apart as something very special,” he said.

“We were delighted when they touring area.

“Many of our custo every morning, and how they have created so many unforgettable memories.

“I’m sure the pictures which will accompany the launch of the Alicanto Grand will also help promote Dorset generally as truly amazing holiday destination,” added James.

Highlands End is part of the family-owned West Dorset Leisure Holidays group which owns five top-rated parks across the county and along the world-famous Jurassic Coast.

The parks variously provide holiday caravans and holiday lodges torhomes and tents.

Guest facilities at Highlands End include a fully equipped leisure club, an acclaimed family bar and restaurant, plus plenty of children’s activities.

Founded in 1948, family-owned Bailey of Bristoday accounts for approximately one in three new caravan sales.

For more information about all the parks in West Dorset Leisure, visit – and Bailey’s new

Highlands End Holiday Park hopes the launch publicity will help tourism in Dorset generally