Staff inspire marathon fundraising bid by parks boss

London run, and it's New York and Berlin next for Tony Clish as he salutes charity staff at Park Holidays UK
London run, and it’s New York and Berlin next for Tony Clish as he salutes charity staff at Park Holidays UK

When he’s not helping to run one of Britain’s largest holiday park groups, Tony Clish will this year be running three of the world’s most famous marathons for good causes.

The 56-year-old commercial director of Park Holidays UK completed the first of his charity challenges at the end of April when he crossed the finishing line in the London Marathon.

Now Tony faces two more punishing 26.2 mile trials when he takes on the Berlin Marathon in September, and New York City Marathon in November.

If successful, his bid will see thousands of pounds raised for both local and national caring organisations across Britain.

Charity events "part of culture" of group's 28 holiday parks
Charity events “part of culture” of group’s 28 holiday parks

Tony says that one of his aims is to help shine the spotlight on the huge amount of charity work undertaken by many individuals at Park Holidays UK.

Since the group came into being almost 30 years ago, he comments, fundraising has been a big part of the company’s culture – helped by enthusiastic support from employees:

“It’s inspirational to see how members of our team get behind our parks’ various charity projects, often in support of local good causes in their area,” said Tony.

“We’ve seen staff rafting down rivers, waging fun battles dressed as mascots, and cycling around the park for 24 hours in sponsored challenges.

“From managers to their enterprise and personal endeavours,” he added.

Tony’s participation in this year’s London Marathon tory.

But it has already brought in a four-figure donation for Somerset’s Orchard Vale Trust which helps adults with learning difficulties, and the to rise.

Tony, who is also a keen distance cyclist, is based at the Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, headquarters of Park Holidays UK which operates 28 holiday parks in Southern England.