Team effort gains green accolade for Cumbria parks

Michael Holgate says that staff are keen to its park as the holiday guests

ALL 160 HOLIDAY park staff at Cumbria’s Holgates Group, based in Silverdale, have been to take a bow by the judges of a major environmental accolade.

The company’s eight parks were named this month as winners of the David Bellamy Conservation Award, thanks to protect the natural world.

And according tourism policies.

The assessors made their comments after visiting each of the eight Cumbria and North Lancashire parks to carry out wildlife and environmental audits.

“We were absolutely delighted to have our team’s dedication and hard work acknowledged in this way,” said Michael Holgate, owner of the family-run business.

Holgates’ parks attract families in search of tranquil green surroundings

“Our policy has always been to make this happen.

“Not only do they provide a lot of the inspiration, but are also keen to action.

“Whether it’s ways together as a team.

“Our parks attract holiday guests who want to their beautiful settings,” added Michael.

Assessors listed a raft of projects at the group’s eight Cumbria and Lancashire parks, including the flagship Silverdale Holiday Park founded by Michael’s father Frank over 60 years ago.

They include the sowing of large areas of high nectar-bearing wild flowers which provide vital foraging for endangered honey bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Assessors also applauded the recent planting of over eight miles of new hedgerows on the parks which will create many additional feeding and breeding habitats for wildlife.

“Our parks have been extremely busy this year since the end of lockdown, and these awards have come as a fantastic finale to the end of the main holiday season,” said Michael.

“I hope they will also benefit other local to be in!”

There is more information about the Holgates group and its parks at