Top green accolades and a world stage for Cornish park


Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park near Padstow has been named as one of just 18 international finalists which will be competing for this year’s World Responsible Tourism Award.

The family-run park will learn if it has taken the overall title on 07 November when judges announce their decision at the event’s London awards ceremony.

Hosted by BBC presenter Tanya Becket, the park will appear under the spotlight with other global contenders ranging from the Sri Lanka Wildlife Society to the African Ivory Route.

News of the shortlisting came as Mother Ivey’s Bay, and its sister park Martha’s Orchard in Constantine Bay, were announced as winners in a major UK environmental awards scheme.

Patrick Langmaid says staff play a big role in his green policies
Patrick Langmaid says staff play a big role in his green policies

The two businesses have both received the David Bellamy Conservation Award at its top gold level.

The accolades highlight to protect the natural world, and Professor Bellamy said he was “amazed” at the raft of initiatives taken at both parks.

They include the sowing of high nectar-bearing wild flowers which provide vital foraging for honey bees, butterflies and other pollinators, and the harvesting of rainwater for irrigation.

David Bellamy also praised the parks’ management of its traditional Cornish hedgerows which provide food and shelter for wildlife, and the “bug hotels” which are placed around the grounds.

He highlighted too the parks’ close links with local schools by hosting nature workshops, and the ban on single-use plastics in the parks’ shops which feature locally produced food and drink.

Patrick Langmaid said that both the David Bellamy awards and the park’s nomination for the World Responsible Tourism Awards were very much the result of a team effort:

“Staff play a big part in putting our conservation policies into action, and team members frequently come forward with their own ideas for protecting our natural heritage,” he said.

“We are so fortunate to its gorgeous surroundings.

“We believe very much in being an active and positive part of our local community, and were delighted that David Bellamy also commended our work in this regard,” added Patrick.

The park raises tens of thousands of pounds each year for Cornish good causes, and Patrick has been a long-time champion of the real living wage and honoured by the Living Wage Foundation.

Now, says Patrick, he is very excited that the park’s nomination for the World Responsible Tourism Award will provide an opportunity to an international audience.

The awards were founded in 2004 by the Responsible Travel organisation, and are presented each year at The World Travel Market in London in front of 600 key influencers in global tourism.