Lakes park brings medical lifeline to community


Life-saving medical equipment is now available at a Lake District caravan park where the number of guests in summer can almost equal the 2,600 population of nearby Ambleside.

Skelwith Fold says its £2,000 investment in a state-of-the-art defibrillator unit could greatly increase the chances of survival for someone suffering cardiac arrest.

Linked to residents of the local community.

The equipment delivers an electric pulse through the victim’s chest to be effective if used immediately after an attack.

With the park’s hideaway location deep in Lake District countryside, says directo a victim.

In summer, around 2,000 people stay each night on the park
In summer, around 2,000 people stay each night on the park

Featuring 450 holiday homes and to that of a good-size village:

“That can seem difficult to believe when you’re here as the park covers well over a hundred acres, but it means we’re far from immune from medical emergencies arising.

“Having a safeguard such as this ready for instant deployment could make a crucial difference, and especially in summer when travelling times are lengthened by traffic volumes,” says Henry.

The defibrillato selected members of Skelwith Fold’s staff.

But the park itself had to keep the equipment at the optimal operating temperature.

“The equipment is, of course, something which you hope will never be needed – but we are mindful of its life-saving potential, especially in a remote rural area such as this,” said Henry.

“Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the number one killer in Britain, and a close-at-hand defibrillator on the park could dramatically increase a person’s life chances.

“I hope it will also provide a reassurance tory,” he added.

Earlier this summer, Skelwith Fold was crowned as Britain’s ethical business of the year in the Federation of Small Businesses and Worldpay UK Business Awards 2017.

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