Lancs park joins elite of tourism’s green heroes

Mini-adventure: praised by David Bellamy, the park's wildlife trail leads youngsters along the path of discovery
Mini-adventure: praised by David Bellamy, the park’s wildlife trail leads youngsters along the path of discovery

Helping youngsters to make eye-opening wildlife discoveries has earned a very rare environmental award for a Lancaster family and its pioneering holiday park.

Moss Wood in the village of Cockerham is now the holder of a Special Distinction accolade from television botanist David Bellamy, made in his annual conservation awards.

It means that the park has joined an elite of just 15 holiday parks, out of around 3,000 in Britain, to have gained Professor Bellamy’s highest conservation honour.

His citation celebrates Moss Wood as “an amazing outdoor classroom where local children and holiday guests can connect with the magic of the natural world”.


David Bellamy highlighted especially a hugely successful nature discovery day held this summer at the park, owned by the Wild family for over 40 years,

The well-attended event was aimed at youngsters and grown-ups wanting to learn more about rural Lancashire’s abundant flora and fauna.

On the menu of activities were expert-led pond-dipping sessions in the park’s wildlife lake, and children taking part were delighted at what their nets yielded with every trawl.

Children also had the chance toy bumble bees, and take part in fun competitions.

Guests were also able to explore a recently opened 1.5km nature discovery trail, and a 3000 square-foot wild flower wilderness attracting honey bees and butterflies.

Environmental initiatives such as these have resulted in Moss Wood winning the David Bellamy Conservation Award at its top gold level for twenty consecutive years.

However, says the park’s Henry Wild, this year’s Special Distinction has been a source of particular pride for his family and staff:

“We’ve always tried to be located,” said Henry.

“The park attracts people with a keen interest in wildlife, and we enjoy doing all we can to be involved with our conservation work.

“For children especially, taking part in activities such as pond dipping is a fantastic way to share in its wonderful secrets,” he added.

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