When plans go pop, so do these holiday prices

Bargains at a stroke
Bargains at a stroke are now available to families taking advantage of big discounts on cancelled holidays

A major holiday park group’s “cancelled deals desk” has now opened, allowing families to 60% off.

Park Holidays UK says a sharp rise in bookings this year has inevitably meant an increase in the number of people having last-minute changes of plan.

The group’s cancellations desk opens for just one hour every day at lunchtime, and many of the holidays on offer have a starting date of a week or less away.

Families must also choose from what’s available rather than specify preferences – but if they are prepared to be flexible, the savings can be very substantial indeed.

A recent example was a four-night stay for six at Solent Breezes Park on the Hampshire coast, sold originally for £488.00, and discounted by 60% as a cancellation for £199.00.

When cancellations arise, they are “hot-tagged” for re-sale at heavily reduced prices, after which they are marked up to Park Holiday UK’s website.

The company, which owns 26 holiday parks in Southern and Western England, says that quick-fire sales enable it to make big savings in administration costs.

“Putting cancelled holidays back intor of Park Holidays UK.

“The holidays have already been specified by the original custop-grade accommodation or extras such as meal vouchers.

“Many people this year seem to have shunned overseas holidays, which means there are even more last-minute bargains available,” added Tony.

There is, he emphasises, no element of a “mystery buy” about the holidays; custo buy.

Park Holiday UK’s cancellations desk is open between 1.00pm and 2.00pm every day of the week, and is accessed on a special number: 0843 178 7090.

The locations of parks and details of their facilities can be found at www.ParkHolidays.com.